Christ Church Preschool’s Diaper Drive

Organized by Christ Church Preschool

Our Goal

$790 of $750

This week is National Diaper Need Awareness Week, and Christ Church Preschool is teaming up with Mothers for Others to collect diapers for local families.

One in three parents report they have difficulty affording diapers, a basic necessity for infants and toddlers. To help alleviate this burden, MFO provides a free one week supply of diapers each month to families needing extra support. As the largest independent diaper bank in lower Fairfield County, and the only dedicated diaper bank serving the town of Greenwich, MFO has distributed over 140,000 diapers in 2022 already.

You can support local families by purchasing diapers through our Virtual Diaper Drive on this page. There are many benefits to donating to a virtual drive:

  • Your gift goes farther thanks to our wholesale purchasing power – we can purchase as many as 5 times the number of diapers
  • Distribution to clients is more streamlined and efficient
  • MFO can better manage inventory and storage
  • It reduces environmental impact

Thank you for your generosity!

Distribution Support
Contribute toward the cost of getting diapers to those that need them

Enter Donation Amount:

A Month of Diapers Pack
Cover the diaper costs for one local child for one month

Price: $15.00

Newborn Starter Pack
Provide a starter supply of diapers to a new baby

Price: $25.00

Sweet Dreams Pack
Keep 25 children dry at night with a supply of overnight diapers

Price: $35.00

Toddler Pull-Up Pack
Supply a local toddler with pull-ups for 3 months

Price: $50.00

A Year of Diapers Pack
Cover the diaper costs for one local child for one year

Price: $150.00

  • Our Donors
    • Lauren Estes

    • heather corrow

    • Sarah Madden

    • Joanne Rosa

    • Judy Longo

    • Alexandra Wyler

    • Margaret Stevens

    • Kristen Kelley

    • Jennifer Butler

    • Kira Albinsky

    • Angelica Fikaris

    • Berit Baugher

    • Shannon Wyand

    • Jennifer Redmond

  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate provides even more diapers for our local children.