Mothers for Others’ Virtual Diaper Drive

Organized by Mothers for Others

My Goal

$3,575 of $5,000

Why should you contribute to a Virtual Diaper Drive?

  • Your gift goes farther! Because MFO can acquire diapers at a deep discount, a donation to our virtual diaper drive can purchase 4-6 times more diapers than purchasing them at retail.
  • Distribution is more efficient. When we purchase wholesale, the diapers are delivered directly to our community partners, and they are packaged in a way that streamlines distribution, saving the resources that would be needed for sorting, repackaging, picking up and delivering.
  • MFO can better manage inventory and storage. Having funds for diapers in reserve allows us to order the exact quantities and sizes of diapers needed, when they are needed.
  • It reduces environmental impact. Diapers purchased wholesale and delivered to our partners use half the amount of packaging and shipping compared to diapers purchased retail and donated to MFO.

Distribution Support
Contribute toward the cost of getting diapers to those that need them

Enter Donation Amount:

A Month of Diapers Pack
Cover the diaper costs for one local child for one month

Price: $15.00

Newborn Starter Pack
Provide a starter supply of diapers to a new baby

Price: $25.00

Toddler Pull-Up Pack
Supply a local toddler with pull-ups for 3 months

Price: $50.00

A mother carrying a baby in a green wrap
Refugee Support
Provide diapers for a refugee child from Afghanistan or Ukraine

Price: $100.00

A Year of Diapers Pack
Cover the diaper costs for one local child for one year

Price: $150.00

  • Our Donors
    • Meaghan McKeon

    • Shannon Suppe

    • Robin Collins

    • Kelly Tunsky

    • Martha Zola

    • Kelly McDowell

    • Courtney Cullam

    • Marcie McGuire

    • Carol Cook

    • Linda Bloom

    • Rob & Andree Pruett

    • Kate McCarthy

    • Julie Gunts

    • Stefanie Morin

    • Talia Bradicich

    • Jessica Kaplitt

    • Nina Lindia

    • Robyn Baldwin

    • Alina Challita

    • Miriam Kreuzer

    • Susan Mirza

    • Cathy Steel

    • Liesbeth Carballo-Jans

    • Anonymous

    • Victoria Saunders

    • Kim Luban

    • Giulia Sanford-Alley

    • Anonymous

    • Anne Ivanhoe

    • karen giannuzzi

    • Joanne Rosa

  • Stretching Your Dollars

    Thanks to our wholesale buying power, every dollar you donate provides even more diapers for our local children.